Who is Ryusei?

A master magician who specializes in various kinds of magic including close-up, parlor shows, stage magic, illusions and Wazuma.

What is Wazuma?

Wazuma is traditional Japanese magic which has been passed down to its performers by word of mouth. It is a tradition which is dying out and there are only a handful of magicians who can perform it.

Butterflies cut out from paper fly around as if they are really alive in the fantastic "Kocho-no-Mai" (Paper Butterfly).

Colorful Japanese parasols appear out of nowhere to create a field of flowers upon the stage in the beautiful "Kasa-dashi" (Parasol Production).

Water shoots out from tea cups, Japanese swords and all sorts of other things upon a red arch bridge in a theatrical performance-style story that covers the stage with fountains of water in "Mizu-gei" (Fountain Water Illusion).

Not only are the performances intriguing, but the sentimental Japanese aesthetics of Wazuma makes it a very unique genre of magic.

Wazuma was specified as a Intangible Cultural Property of Japan by the Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs in 1997.

Haruo Shimada's "Dragon Illusion" is the epitome of modern-day Wazuma that uses traditional Japanese legends as its motif, which is a spectacular show of giant dragons upon the stage.

This highly praised performance has only been passed down from Haruo Shimada to Ryusei.

Please take your opportunity to take a look at "Ryusei's World of Wonders" that passes down the great legacies of the past to the future.


Kocho-no-Mai(Paper butterfly)
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Kasa-dashi(Parasol Production)
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Dragon Illusion
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Stage show
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A digest version of the Salt & Pepper routine.
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