Appearance Request

Ryusei's shows filled with Japanese aesthetics has received high acclaim inside and outside Japan.

The shows will mainly be performed indoor. You will need to provide the sound and lighting systems. You will also need to provide a room where Ryusei can change and prepare for the show.

The ideal size of the stage would be 4 meters wide (13 feet) and 5 meters deep (16.4 feet). A drop curtain or draw curtain may be needed depending on the show.

The "Kocho-no-Mai" (Paper Butterfly) will need lighting and time to rehearse. One assistant will be needed for this show, so there will be two people in all.

Permission to use fire will be needed for the "Kasa-dashi" (Parasol Production). One assistant will be needed for this show, so there will be two people in all.

The "Mizu-gei" (Fountain Water Illusion) will need an electric power source at the wings of the stage. Also, a plastic sheet will be placed on the stage, but you will need to arrange for staff who will clean up the water afterwards. There will be two to four assistants in this performance.

The "Dragon Illusion" will look a lot more effective with the use of fire and smoke. There will be two to three assistants in this performance..

If you wish to request Ryusei for a performance, please send an e-mail with the following information.

* Name of Event

* Purpose / Meaning of the event

* Number of Audiences (There are performances that cannot be performed depending on the size of the stage and number of audiences.)

* Stage (Some performances cannot be performed outdoors or on overly small stages.)

* Desired time and date of the performance (If the request is for two shows or more, there needs to be at least an hour between each performance to set everything up again.)

* Estimated Budget (The price will change depending on the performance and the number of people performing in the show. Please feel free to ask about the transportation cost of the equipment, travel expenses, etc.)

* Please feel free to contact me about any thing else that may come to mind.

E-mail address :

Kocho-no-Mai(Paper butterfly)

Kasa-dashi(Parasol Production)

Mizu-gei(Fountain Water Illusion)